The McGowan Government is on record committing to a co-design process in relation to the codes and regulations associated with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2021 (ACH Bill). Traditional Owners wish to lead the process of establishing a co-design framework and how this should be implemented. This framework, in turn, will inform the associated statutory guidelines and regulations to be developed, as well as how the mandated five-year review process regarding the operation and effectiveness of the ACH Bill (per section 309) should be undertaken.


Aboriginal people want to sit down with other stakeholders, including government and industry representatives, to work together to create a genuine co-design framework.


Co-design is critical to ensure the new legislation addresses the shortcomings of the past and protects Australia’s precious Indigenous cultural heritage.


This workshop will be the first step in a far longer-term endeavour. It provides a time and place to first establish an agreed-upon understanding of what ‘co-design’ is (and what it is not). Drawing from best practice approaches undertaken elsewhere we already know that ‘consultation’ does not equate to ‘co-design’, and that legitimate co-design processes require continual collaboration and improvement and ensuring the right stakeholders are involved.


The workshop environment will be one of equitable discussion and shared decision-making in the true spirit of partnership.