National Heritage Reforms

First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance

In addition to the significant Aboriginal cultural heritage protection work being undertaken in Western Australia (i.e. at the state level), there is also critical work occurring simultaneously at the national level through the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance (FNHPA). The Alliance is an important initiative mandated to strengthen and modernise our national cultural heritage laws and create industry reforms that ensure Indigenous cultural heritage is valued and protected for the future.

FNHPA comprises a number of organisations representing First Nations peoples from across Australia, including major native title, land rights, Traditional Owner and community-controlled organisations. Together, FNHPA members aim to build strong partnerships with First Nations peoples and organisations, governments, industry and investor groups – this puts First Nations peoples in the driving seat of reform and management of their cultural heritage.

Stay up-to-date with information regarding Indigenous cultural heritage reforms taking place at the national level, as well as access resources about FNHPA, its work and opportunities for engagement.